Organisations we work with, large and small, benefit from the insights and experience gained from hiring in over 35 countries.


Rolls-Royce, one of the world’s leading industrial technology companies needed support from DANGERFIELD to look at a number of recruitment based areas.  Engaged on a global basis, we managed a portfolio of global recruitment based projects Including Candidate Experience, RPO Commercial review, Diversity and Inclusion, Global Process Simplification and hiring for a greenfield site in India.


Cake Solutions are a high growth technology business that needed help to re-evaluate how they hired highly skilled developers on a global basis.

In a 6-month assignment, DANGERFIELD provided direct hiring capability, leading innovative campaigns in central and eastern europe and the US, as well providing the people, process and approach required to continue hiring in-house.

Martin helped us to redefine how we hire people, picking up the pace and taking us across eastern Europe and beyond.
— Pete Evison, Commercial Director.

AspenTech, is a provider of software and services for the process industries with a strong EMEA base.  DANGERFIELD supported them during a period of high growth, deploying a talent acquisition professional on-site in their UK location to provide direct hiring capability as well as advice, guidance and a best practice approach.

Bhavisha joined our team during a period of transition, managing our recruitment whilst we reshaped the HR team.
— Karen Orr, Senior Director, Human Resources, EMEA.

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