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HiringDay.™ is changing the way organisations hire.

We bring all the hiring decision makers into a single hiring event that supports your brand and organisational culture, managing identification, sourcing and screening of qualified candidates using clear hiring criteria.

Our focus is on meeting people face-to-face, developing relationships and that human connection you cannot achieve through technology.  We create a hiring atmosphere, getting the most from qualified, engaged and informed candidates.

We form part of your team, using our extensive agency and in-house recruitment experience to work with you on defined outcomes.  We access a much bigger candidate pool than an in-house team but we don't have a transactional focus like a recruitment agency.

Candidates love the structure, it provides a transparent view of where they are in the process.
— Product Development Director, Solera
The approach not only sped up my hiring but helped us make better decisions.
— Technical Support Manager, Global SaaS provider

Benefits that HiringDay.™ will bring your business

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Hire quicker

HiringDay is a fast, cost-effective way to hire people to your organisation.  The pace and precision of the process improves the likelihood of hiring great candidates, proven to reduce average time to hire from 60 to 40 days or below.

Increase the Quality of Hire

We use a combination of data science, old school recruiting acumen (based on years of direct hiring experience) with a structured approach to screening and qualification of candidates.  In addition we use the industry recognised 'Thomas International' suite of psychometric assessments to dig further into behaviours and how well candidates will respond to training and development.

The continuity and consistency we bring in presenting your EVP increases prospective employee buy-in.


The single recruitment day condenses the hiring process, reducing business cost both directly and indirectly.  Faster hiring will lead to quicker on-boarding and sales people that are more productive sooner. 

The simple fixed fee structure based on exclusivity means you have a comprehensive, collaborative hiring service at a competitive price.

Same Day Offer

Based on the ‘Wash up’ session make offers and feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

Successful candidates are likely to say yes quicker with less negotiation.

Unsuccessful candidates will leave the process understanding why they did not get the role and any areas they could focus on

Faster hiring will lead to quicker on-boarding and new team members that are more productive sooner.


Our approach is scalable and can satisfy any of your global or local needs with a global team of international recruitment experts to call upon.