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We are Hiring.

DANGERFIELD is hiring.

Not in the traditional sense as right now there’s no salary (we are looking for interim associates unless we say otherwise), we earn what we earn from the work that we do, the reputation we create and the value we add.

We have been developing a new approach to hiring.  It is a combination of people, process and technology with the focus on people.  As part of this growth we are looking for Interim associates to work with us.

Working with DANGERFIELD you will be joining a business with high growth aspirations, a focus on successful client outcomes and interesting rewarding work.

Our clients are looking for several things from us with the result that our teams are typically made up of a number of different specialisms.  Core to most assignments however are strong Recruiters.  As you would expect, our Recruiters need to be able to quickly grab hold of the task in hand, delivering great candidate experience and learning about our Client quickly. 

We also regularly need Recruitment Leads,  Recruitment Project Managers, Talent Managers and HR Specialists and Generalists to help lead and shape recruitment based projects or implement new recruiting technology and the behavioural change new technology requires.

Joining DANGERFIELD you will find that:

  • You can provide a client centric recruitment service, with value added processes and tools

  • You will not be restricted by the business to develop your entrepreneurial style

  • You will become a real specialist in identifying good recruitment professionals at all levels in high growth market sectors

  • Your performance is rewarded, recognised and shouted about

  • Autonomy is a given

Likely skills and Experience:

  • Excellent relationship building skills

  • Ability to listen to clients and candidates and do something with the information you hear

  • A love of recruitment, a passion to do a good job and a focus on the future

  • An approach that adds real value to our clients and a focus on candidate experience

Knowledge of high growth technology organisations is desirable but not essential, your professionalism and ability to create markets are more important.

Benefits of being an associate:
We are looking for an ongoing engagement with an experienced pool of talented individuals.  We expect you to work for and with other people but keep us up to date with your availability.   Ideally though we once you have said you have worked with us, we would like you to add a 'DANGERFIELD' role to your Linkedin profile.

In exchange we offer several benefits:

  • Interesting work: We try and work with organisations that have an interesting challenge or opportunity for us to help them.

  • Team collaboration: We have had first hand experience of what it is like to be a sole recruiter on a client site and so make sure you have the support you need.  We work with you and the Client to resolve any hiring challenges they have.  

  • Networking: We proactively encourage you to talk to your fellow associates with regular meetups (real and virtual) to talk about hot topics, client challenges and anything else you want to.

  • Additional revenue streams: We reward associates for identifying and successfully referring us to additional work.  Whether that is additional resource deployment, consulting or supporting the implementation of one our own services such as talentpuddle. or HiringDay™.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore further, just fill in the form below or email us directly hello@dangerfieldglobal.com.

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