If it works for Josh Bersin, it can work for me...

Seats on the plane.png

Do you remember that video with the dancing man, doing his thing in a field somewhere at some festival?

He demonstrated how crowds of fans can form relatively quickly.  Probably the best version is here.

The key to that story was less about the first man and more about the first and second people to join him. The first to join was critical as he made all the difference.  Up until that point, there was a crazy looking man on his own. When that first person joined though things took on new meaning.  It takes guts to be the first to join.  By the time the second follower joined and then the third, it became a thing, a movement, a tribe.  I know I said tribe, lots of eye rolling but I still like the word.

There is no movement without that first follower.  That first follower found a lone nut doing something they liked the look of and they joined in.  if you have ever read anything I have written before you'll have worked out I go for the obvious.

In the last few months, I have been approaching people who like me are in talent acquisition, branding, recruitment project management or similar. Typically they work as individuals occasionally bringing their close acquaintances to help but not very often.

Without saying it explicitly I have been asking them to join to me in that field. Ok I’m not that crazy dancing man and the field is virtual but you get the idea.

No one has said no.

However, no one has said yes.

I have contract recruiters working under the DANGERFIELD banner and that works but is transactional rather than value led so I'm not alone but I'm still hunting for that second and third follower.  The people to actually make this a thing rather than a theory. 

In my head it’s a simple proposition, work with me to tackle any recruitment based people, process and technology challenges organisations may have and fix them.  It could be a person, a workshop delivered by a person, a project, on embedded recruiting solution or the implementation of some great new technology from a partner or to help the client with or something the client bought elsewhere. The important thing is to be that one stop shop, supported by the best global talent I can find.

However, in the main and as a huge generalisation, without wanting to offend or call anyone out, it’s been a tough conversation.. The focus has been on all the challenges of working together, what if I want to leave, what if this, that, whatever, looking for reasons to say no, the independence they may lose rather than the opportunity that partnership will bring.  Some even said it was a great idea,, only they had a similar idea and one day they might want to create that.

One day.

If I sound flippant, arrogant or something similar, that isn't my intention.  I am disappointed, I had hoped for a few 'easy yes's' but then maybe if it were too easy then I wouldn't work so hard, maybe it's the journey I need to go through or take a different route.

So let’s see how this goes.

Come and join me in that field.

Be the second and third people to the dance.

I’m all in and I know together we can make this work and we might not have even met yet.

Right now there’s no salary, we earn what we earn from the work that we do, the reputation we create and the value we add.

You’ll have access to the partner network and your joining will mean a better deal from some of those partners, our breadth of capability is worth something to them. We will get investor input and some cash to market more effectively, hire better people than you and me and open our second, third, forth and fifth global locations, driven by our global intent to deliver to local, regional and global clients.

I’m going to book a table in a bar in London the next few weeks, invite you and anyone you know to come and talk. Then a bar somewhere else until we get this thing moving and go dancing in that field. Don’t wait until then though, if you want to find out more, email me, message me on LinkedIn, come round my house but get in touch.

Talk soon.

I’m off to find that field.