Best of... my blog posts... so far...

Best of the Best So back in 2009 I started writing a little read blog called "the human face of recruitment".  I started because I had a voice, has an opinion about the recruitment industry and wanted to tackle the key topics head on.  In my mind I was an edgy pioneer.  On occasion I might well have been.  Certainly there have been some great debate creating posts (see that have demonstrated if nothing else I can pick a fight but we all still care.

In blog terms I have survived the readership increased and as we enter 2014, it is still here as am I.

I remain committed to writing about the industry in broad terms as well I hope adding a smattering of me into each and every post.  Some posts have been, even in my opinion pretty good, something that has been confirmed both in readership numbers and positive comments.  Other posts I am afraid have been sub-standard and thank you for point those out.  I'm going to ignore those and dwell on the positive.

To kick off 2014 I am going to look back a little.  Bring some 'best of's...' kicking off next week with the  "Best of... men I love and the tenuous link to recruitment blog...".   I will follow this up with a few more but I have been writing some more and will share those later in the month.

Until then...Happy 2014... thanks for reading.  Talk soon.


P.S. as an update I since posted:-

Best of… men I love and the tenuous link to recruitment blog…

Best of... my birthday blog posts... 


Currently leading a team of recruiters hiring in 30 countries across EMEA.  I have background in executive search and selection, headhunting and senior level recruitment combined with people and business management experiences.  My focus has always been on the IT services, technology and management consultancy sectors on a permanent and interim basis where I have developed a personal portfolio that covers areas such as EVP, social recruitment and the successful creation of talent pools as well the management and leadership of corporate talent acquisition teams.

I am an avid blogger, writer, public speaker and traveller of trains across the UK.