Writer's block and the return from silence...

writers-blockWriting has never been easy for me. Or rather it was and then I took it more seriously and found the more I wrote the less I published and that in that process I lost my writing way somewhere. Whilst I am not the most serious of people, I take the writing bit seriously. I want to be good at it, continue to develop a style that is readable, informative and kicks a thought in your head. Taking this more serious approach to this though results in blogging silence, much like the one I have just had and if you look back at the last blogs I posted you’ll spot that they were collaborations rather than self composed thoughts.

Let’s be honest though, writing is not the hardest work I ever do, normally using it as some form of head clearing therapy whilst sat on a train or in a hotel room late at night. But the reason I am finding it tough is I am worried that not only will I bore you the reader, bore myself but make it repetitive.

Sticking to the recruitment theme and avoiding repetition is difficult. I have asked the question before but have we said all we can say about recruitment? I hope not but looking for original thought is a challenge. The main reason I write this blog (apart from satisfying the voices in my head) is to share the complexities we face in the recruitment world. To share and collaborate with recruitment professionals who do give a toss, to share the nagging voice in my head that says there must be a better way.

In recruitment we share a common interest in the process, in attracting people, assessing people, interviewing people. In some way I feel that you and I continually interview. Sometimes you hire me and come back to read some more, you share my link, you make a contribution. Yet on occasion you remain that prospective reader, choosing to come and go with barely an impact, barely a touch in my life. I will sound like I blame you when I say this makes good writing difficult and it does but it is not your fault . It is mine.

Whilst what I describe is not entirely reflected in the readership numbers it is in the number of subscribers. It is in the falling numbers of speaker requests. It is in the volume of collaboration opportunities and emails telling me I am right or wrong, on the money or an idiot. A blog by its very nature is only as good as the content. But to make the content work I also feel that you need to know what you are likely to find, to have a trailer or taster for what is coming up so you can remind yourself to dip in for the next blog, the next speaking event or webinar.

So as a pre-taster taster. It’s my birthday in a few weeks. I always write for my birthday, I shall let you know nearer the time. Currently I am writing several blogs at once. One is a series of mini blogs on what it is like to be a good recruiter, your input would be welcomed and encouraged. One is a about my relationship with REC and the last is as a follow on to a piece I wrote about the war for talent. For the first time I am also going to ask my team for permission to use their names in one about me being Al Pacino in the film any given Sunday. They will cringe but I think it makes for good blog on leadership.

So there you have it. I am writing again, looking to make that writing more compelling, engaging and thought provoking whilst giving you a heads up on what is coming so you can in return prepare your own thoughts on the subject. The deal as ever I will publish all responses as long as I am legally allowed to and they don’t push the boundaries of our relationship.