I want to be famous…

For this to work – you’ll need to click play on the video first.  It means you will have the music in my head that I have now.  This will be an interesting post in that we will see what my colleagues and friends actually think about it.   I may have finally disappeared up my blogging backside believing the hype that train journeys and poor sleep will create.

You see I want to be famous…

Not Tom Cruise, full body guard team, full entourage famous but famous famous.  You know, someone that people say “There’s whathisname” with a nudge of their elbow famous.  Being recognized at the check in desk and getting upgraded famous.   People wanting me to talk at their events famous.  Ok some of it is there but I need, no crave more.  I know that fame is fickle that what is in the present is no guarantee of what the future will bring.

But I don’t care.  I want fame and everything that goes with it.   If you asked me now I would be almost willing to pay any price for that fame.  Almost any.

I want fame, piers Morgan life stories, the full monty.

I’ll be 42 this year, I’ve earned it.  Or at least I feel I have.  Let me be clear though before we go on.  You see I haven’t chosen the easy route.  No.  Not for me the bright lights of X factor, Britain’s got talent or celebrity for the sake of it.  I have chosen a different path, one that has been with me for a while, a destiny if you like.

No.  My ambition is clear,  I want to be famous for leading the recruitment industry to a better place.  A utopia of recruitment if you like.  Leading us to the promised land where we love what we do, get paid to do it and have the admiration of our peers, clients or corporate organisations.

I have said it before and I am arrogant enough to say it again I am the saviour… [Saviour – noun. A person who saves, rescues or delivers.]

If this is true then it creates more questions than answers.  Yes I am passionate about recruitment.   Yes I believe what do for a living is vital for the success of organisations.  Those organisations can only prosper and grow if people like you and me get out there into the market place and engage.  It is an underrated skill where we are dismissed as HR, admin or worse still sharks and scavengers no better than estate agents.   But we really do add more value than is first imagined.

We are the pulse of a market place.  We talk to more competitors on a daily basis than any sales person.  We know what people really think of our organisation.  If they won’t talk to us about a role because they think our business sucks, they will tell us.

So I get recruitment.  I get the hard work that needs to happen to make it work well, the effort required to align candidate ambition and hiring reality in a short conversation.  But you get recruitment too don’t you.  That is why you read my blog and why I read yours.  We a community, a collaborative (sometimes) group with a shared interest but not a leader.   There is no one (unless I have missed them) that speaks for our industry, that gets what we do isn’t easy.

Maybe the time is now, maybe it isn’t.  Either way my hand is up and I’m up for the job and all I want in return is a little bit of fame…


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