So I have a book in my head...

Book or blog...  I spoke to a publisher and they said book.  But then that was without actually reading anything and it was a good way to get rid of me, put my money where my mouth is and actually write the thing.  Books feel real, the blog is well, the blog is the fickle stop on to somewhere else.

Isn’t it?

But then if the book is on a kindle it’s more blog like than ever before.  Is it the medium of delivery that defines what you think or the style of writing.  How short does it need to be a blog, how long to be a book.  One man’s pamphlet is another man’s novel?

Whatever it is.  Writing it should not be this bad, this painful.  Palpable in its veneer of creativity.  It’s been weeks, probably months but then who ‘s counting?  You? No, didn’t think so.  Just me, with a voice in my head and delusions of grandeur .  You see I have a book in my head...

Whether it is a good book is up for debate.  It is as you would expect a book on recruitment, talent acquisition and the use of technology to make it all happen.  The outline is excellent.  I would buy it based on that alone.  The content is... well the content is weak.  Weak where it has been written and even weaker where it hasn’t.  For years I have been bleating on and mostly to Kathyn Lennon who has written a book (selling for entrepreneurs) about how it’s not that hard, we all have a book in us etc. etc. only that is where my book is currently sitting.  In me.  Not with you.  And yes I know I could self publish and maybe I should write something so that I can test the water but somehow that doesn’t feel like the same thing?

Is it?

The thing is I am struggling to get it to make sense.  It may be that I am just hitting above my weight, that for all my blog talk, for all my I’m a writer you know that I can’t actually cut it and get the thoughts down on a page and get you to part with your £9.99 to read them.  Someone told me that I need to get my anger back.  That the stuff I wrote two years ago was better.  It had an edge, that because I have lost my anger I have run out of challenging things to say.  I’m not sure that is true but certainly I am starting to think that all the things that could be said have been said?  I am passionate about recruitment but really is there more to be said about it?

So let’s test our crowdsourcing skills. 

Who thinks I should write the thing and get it to a publisher and face the rejection Vs. Who thinks I should just self publish something.  Something greater than this blog (you will always get this for free!) yet not a full on £9.99 sat on a waterstones shelf book?

On your heads be it...