You and me... it's not working... is it?

Lately I feel things have changed.  

You know that they are different. 

That you have been reading other people’s blogs and not coming here like you used to.  I know, I know I am to blame.  I write lots but don’t put it here.  I guess I feel that it’s not good enough anymore, that you have become more sophisticated in your needs and that there are plenty of other people you can engage with.

The thing is though I have been thinking a lot about you lately. 

I want to help. 

I know you haven't asked for it and maybe you never will but the offer is there anyway.

I want you to do great things.  I want you do great things and for me to have played an enabling part in that.  Not from a position of arrogance or "I'm better than you" but because it would be my legacy. That working together and I mean truly together we can do great things?

It is a big, holistic thought that needs a combination of doing and planning in that order to make it successful.  It relies on our trust, our commitment to each other and that you think I can deliver.  Not everything in life, not everything we do but with some focus, some direction.

Getting from here to there is a challenge though.  Currently I write here (or not) and some of you read it.   Some of you come back and some of you even email me a thought or two (please don't stop!).  But it’s not engaging enough, not finding that common ground we need, something of substance to work on together.  To change the recruitment industry, to make our work more useful and fulfilling.  To enhance the lives of the candidates we engage with every single day. 

Too much?  Maybe from just writing.

Like many of us, there is a danger I will just talk endlessly about ideas and the vision of what might be.   Whilst these are wonderful (I would think that!) you can’t necessarily do anything with them.   This might be why I think I am here.  Both the ‘virtual’ here, in this blog but in the reality to move from the ideas to something more tangible. 

What if I made more effort to focus on ‘the practical’ would that help you and me?  Build a platform together? A means to move recruitment forwards

How can we work together?