2012... Part one...

... you won't believe me but I started writing this post at 20.12.  Ok... so not so cryptic but a nice tie into today's post.

Regular readers know that my blogs are about recruitment, my view on recruitment and occasionally about me.  The late night posts are often sat on a grim train.  My mood being grim more than the train but regular travellers of cross country trains will know there are exceptions.  The personal posts are the ones that get me into trouble, the ones that by their personal nature are all about me and less about you.
For every post that I publish I write 12. Not a good ratio.
Someone that I have known since I was 25 told me this at new year.  That it was all about me and not about you or him.  Not just this post, my life.
He told me that because it was all about me I had lost some of those things that made me me.  I have lost something important and most of all and certainly as a I write this I have lost him.  He won't thank me for doing this. He won't thank me for sharing, in fact it will annoy and anger but as we have failed to talk since that text I have a reduction in options. Text can only say so much, email more but loses the tone, so here, in my space I hope he will find it in him to have another go.  To acknowledge that I am human and fallible, that the 60 hours working weeks and committed weekends have taken their toll.  That if I don't call back it's not apathy its time. That sitting on a train often isn't the best place for that call or that 11 pm is just not the time.
So you know who you are. You know that when I have hit the big red button in the past you have helped to pick up the pieces... That I owe you... But it works both ways...
So call.