Pack it up, pack it in. Let me begin...

...I came to win. Battle me that's a sin. It's here.  2012.  A new year, a new chance to change the world, something, anything.

Before I blogged I wrote. I wrote in a notebook that I kept secret so had no audience, no control or balance.  When I look back at my new year comments, resolutions and thoughts from the past one thing is blindingly clear.  Execution is everything.  The great ideas are just that, the missed opportunities (Jamie and the wifi) are gone and the only way to succeed in life, in work, in everything is to execute.  To do more than talk, to talk more than write.  Which is ironic given I am writing now.
But in the spirit of do rather than talk, how about I do a talk?  
In my business career I have picked a number of virtual fights, come close to a few stand ups in the flesh (not helped by me laughing) and generally tried to stir it up a little.  As an employee this can cause challenges as I am not always tuned to your corporate wavelength... as an employer it's great (my opinion clearly) as I will give you the freedom to succeed and focus on the 97% of my team that can be trusted to get on with it rather than the 3% who can't.  This view is not always shared by the people I work for, who typically have done it the other way round, making life micromanaged and painful... no names... and you probably don't know who you are.  
So thinking about a topic and as follow on to my CWJobs presentation last year... how about this... "Recruitment agencies... your days are numbered" (because they are).
We can get together and talk, spend some together and see what comes out of it.  I will be flippant about how tough agencies think it is to find people (the easy bit) whilst I remind them that I have to actually assess, employ and onboard them. I will see if any of my in house recruitment buddies are brave enough to tag along to support me and to balance my ever so slightly biased opinion.  
So let me put some dates in the diary in London and Manchester... nothing too ambitious... you... me... maybe you could bring a friend...? 
Dates to follow.
p.s. let me know if I am going to be there on my own - I'll be sure to order just the one coffee.