Talent Acquisition Leadership #3... the ‘Compelling Event’

As Talent Acquisition specialists, we are looking for the Compelling Event.   That moment that someone realises they are not going to progress in their current role, or they want to be on the other side of the country, or they need more money or they are bored.

By talking to people little and often even when we don't have a role we can spot these moments.  We become their trusted advisor because we know them and they trust us.  I have sent candidates to my opposite numbers in competitor organisations, not because it was right for me, but the right thing for the candidate. (from a candidates view this is a amazing) Trust takes investment and putting your money where your mouth is. 

Trust is a relationship and not a transaction.

In my first post in this series Talent Acquisition Leadership #1 I began talking about TA leadership. Why are recruitment leaders so focused on job posting, cv searching and (in some cases) agency engagement? 

We need to be out there talking to people - whether we want them today or not.  We need the tools to engage, to remember the conversations we had and to be able to get back in touch quickly.  This will not help the requisition closure report today but it will in the future.

It is that ‘here and now’ approach that is killing the effectiveness of many many TA functions.