Things wot I have learned about public speaking, today...

In my defence I am very tired.... 3 1/2 hours sleep tired... in the second part of my defence I followed James Lyne (@jameslyne) and he is very very good.  Worse than that he is an intelligent, engaging, humourous man with a cracking presentation that he delivered very well.

Without his presentation he would have been equally a intelligent, engaging, humourous etc.
I saw my own performance as something like:-
  • Get to venue on time - check
  • Collect a name badge, get wired up with microphone - check
  • Follow interesting and engaging James Lyne - check
  • Forget to turn on microphone - check
  • Realise that the content 'light' version of the presentation you had created wasn't going to work here and glaze over at that moment - check
Despite this I actually love public speaking, getting people involved and creating a debate.
What this has reminded me is that whilst I can save it with the question & answering session you have to deliver a good pitch... Oh and tell a room full of recruitment agencies that their days are numbered.
Thanks for the positive feedback including "brave" and "honest"...
Let me put something with a bit more depth and see who is up for listening to me again.  
More than happy to connect on linkedin or twitter and hopefully will catch up with you again soon.