Men I love and the tenuous link to recruitment... part two

I've written about Don Draper from mad men before.  The suits, the cigarettes and the ability to look good in the office due to a ready supply or pristine, crisp white shirts. In man love terms he's up there.  Certainly top 3... well you would wouldn't you...? So the tenuous link... simple... Don Draper (Jon Hamm) gets the power of a simple advertising message.  The clarity required for an advert to tug at your heart or mind or create a response.  Don Draper paints a picture of what might be, the tempting lifestyle promise that the purchase of the product might bring.

If only we could do that in talent acquisition?  What stops us? What makes us continue to put out the same dull job descriptions that are just that a description, failing to capture the message we really want to convey or the promise that a new job might deliver.  New life, new car, new partner.  All of these things are possible with a new job.   A new job is sexy, exciting, unknown.  You can be whoever you want with a new job.

It's the power of cool that direct consumer marketing has always had and recruitment advertising sadly lacks.  Don gets that.  

Can we be more like him or is the world too small for more than one Don?


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