Not me, who else could I be...

Whilst trying not to flog a dead horse or some other cliche, when I recently posted a blog about the lyrics that influenced my first business I suspected that it would fall on deaf ears so to speak (cliche city today isn't it?).  Instead I was pleasantly surprised by the emails.  So much so that to support my half cocked notions of transparency the lyrics that influence me today are from twisted wheel's 'we are us'...

You’re you… you do what you do, but there’s a rain cloud hanging over you,

Not me who else could I be? If they turn around then I walk away.

You will never stop us, cos you are you, we are us,

You will never change us, cos you are you, we are us.


I am passionate about recruitment.

Some of you think that is sad.

Unlike many other people in recruitment I sought it out. I made it my career of choice and have worked hard since then to make it work for me and my clients. Since making that decision I have put almost everything on the line, financial, emotional even spiritually if I believed in god. 

The price has been high on all counts with the result that every placement counts, every assignment has to be more successful than the last, that I make a lasting contribution to an industry that I will change and influence.  Again some of you will think that sad.  But as I have said before I am my business, my business is me.  That creates pressure with the need to reinvent and refine greater on me than many 'employed' recruiters.  Taking my business from low level contingent to retained search has been a tough journey with mistakes and missed opportunities.   The refinement into a leading RPO provider will not be easy but once again I have staked the farm on it, so it cannot fail.


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