Back to being who I was before...

When I first started working for myself it was with a business partner.  We were friends, meeting through a convoluted mixture of women and beer.  It was exciting.  It was new. Day one and we took delivery of the foosball table… day 2 and a great coffee machine… and it wasn't until the 2nd week that the desks, phones and PC’s arrived... after that we worked hard, drank too much caffeine and came closer to killing each other than either of us knew was healthy. 

As we grew though we created what I guess would be called values or brand. So desperate to appear different from the industry norms we used to read meaning into song lyrics and use them whereever possible to articulate our proposition.
The ones that still stand true and were a core part of our own marketing when looking for people to join us were from the Starsailor song Shark food:-
We’re stepping through the door,
We’re shooting from the heart,
But if we get it wrong,
They’ll feed us to the sharks
We used to believe that was how our engagement with clients would be all or nothing but interestingly as my recruitment career as developed and the type of work I do has changed this is more and more about internal talent acquisition.  How many TA teams are not integrated into the business, perceived as 'them' when they in fact are 'us'.  How many TA teams are criticised for being slow, ineffective etc. when they are actually doing a great job but also are doing so much more than the sourcing piece which for many people is the only measure of success.
Integrate your TA teams. Get them closer to your business and they will become your eyes and ears to your market. 
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