New perspective, same old me...

I guess it’s appropriate that I find myself writing the first blog of my redesigned blog on a train.  When going through the design options with @tomstables it became suddenly clear that whilst it has nothing to do with my recruitment industry commentary or views on business I do spend a lot of time on trains. It kills the time, not real work as unfortunately I don’t get paid to write (I really am working on that, I do have a book in me – if you know a publisher who would be interested, point them in my direction) but helps me get from A to B without going mental.  For the train spotters amongst you it is a cross country train today.  Virgin, I forgive you despite your cash only onboard shop at least you have one and it is normally open. 

The new site is part of the overall plan I told you about recently, reviewing and redesigning the two key aspects of my business life, me and mckinley|resource.  How effective that redesign and more distinct proposition is remains to be seen and is probably more down to you than me.

I will continue to offer my thoughts, views and comment on the recruitment industry, the challenges, the issues and the opportunity.  But having laid myself bare so to speak with the new design with a site that is all about me, hopefully without being ALL about me I do feel a renewed push on transparency in our business lives, the relationships we have although suspect that it will be more of a challenge for me than for you.  I am the writer here, my choice about what is published or not and a as a passive reader you can control what you tell me.

As ever the new design highlights the slight split personality that I have experienced since working for myself, for other people and my business.  Sometimes my personal life and work life have definitely come out at the same time.  I think we all have a ‘work’ persona but doing what I do means that the line between the two is more blurred than if I was employed.  Transparency will do this.  It brings out more of the person than perhaps they would like.  I am no different.  My life is far from perfect, I have hurt people, let them down, more so in my private life than in my work life. 

I have blogged before about how this is my connection with you and that by developing that I hope we can develop the conversation?  Sure it will be about recruitment but also I hope that we learn something about each other and the things we learn are useful . 

You didn’t ask. Or maybe you did and I didn’t hear you.  The train? Well I am heading south to start a new interim assignment.  This time I am going to do some work for a global software business and I am looking forward to it.  It will bring some challenges, some opportunities to shine and no doubt some content for this site.  I will keep you posted.

Let me know what you think about the new design, that it works and that the content reads ok.  Whilst It has been checked over and over I have read it too much to spot the typo that a fresh pair of eyes brings.