A week of recruitment blogs - how was it for you?

Based on the readership numbers so far these posts haven't been the most popular, this year that has been 'Big thing'.  What has helped though is a reminder that if I am going to continue this, keep interest levels up and provide interesting and challenging content I will probably be better off writing as and when rather than forcing it. I am desparately trying to avoid just having a go at the industry.  I am all about the collaboration, something that is missing so much in the recruitment industry but I am starting to feel a bit of a lone voice.  We could fix it if we wanted to?

For those that missed the series:-

Before I started - What this week is about.

Monday - The week ahead, Talent Pooling and pitches to outsourcers.

Tuesday - Klout, taking it all too seriously and inhouse talent attraction and the future of the recruitment industry.

Wednesday - My rebrand and Kloutin general.

Thursday - IRP, IOR and finding a permanent role.

Friday - Meeting Kathryn Lennon (@TTBookClub) & Lyndsey Michaels (@LyndseyMichaels) and where we should be going as an industry.

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