Wednesday, half way through a week of blogs...

Wednesday.  Midway through my week of blogs. The challenge I now feel is that maybe I am writing for the sake of it.  Normally when I write something it is because something is pressing in my mind or I have an issue I want to talk about or even on occasion giving potential advice on something like employment branding.

I am going through a re-brand myself having engaged a designer to redo this blog and incorporate it into my website as part of a concentrated effort to develop more clients for my management consultancy skills rather than pure recruitment.  On paper it should be simple but has created more questions than I had imagined mostly around ‘who am I’ vs. ‘what is my business.  In the end the re-brand centres round me followed by an update of the mckinley website.

Short blog today, I don’t want to keep telling you about the calls that I make and the interviews that I do – this is par for the course in recruitment.

What I have been looking at is my blog readership.   The number of readers increases between 10 to 15% per month which is great and whilst it is still sub 1000 per month I am starting to feel there is core readership.  What next though?  I want more and I know that only comes from better content so I have promised myself that after this week I will have more ‘structure’ to my blogging. (Do tell me if I am taking it all to seriously again?).

The danger of being a slave to the readership numbers is that you start to believe your own hype (however small) and do bold things that you might not otherwise do but in the spirit of putting my money where my mouth is I am going to organise two low key events.

First up I am going to copy an idea that someone else did.  It worked for him so I’m not going to worry too much that it is ‘me too’.  I am going to invite every twitter follower and every linkedin connection to meet up.  I feel it’s time… and will lead to a greater understanding of what people potentially want and how I can help them. 

Second thing is the more traditional ‘on the road’ approach I did last year.  I spend a day in a coffee shop which is good and get to meet potential clients and candidates by delivering an hour of consultancy.  So two more blogs in the next few days to firm up the details.

Meeting face to face generates conversations, relationships and business and whilst I am scared that I might be sat on my own somewhere in London I know you won’t let me down.

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We can deploy for a day, a week, a month or longer.  This means we can support your recruitment peaks, deliver spot advice or have an on going engagement.  All we need is a desk in your office and a brief that we have agreed and signed up to. We won’t ask you to sign any long term contracts either.  We have already proven to be a great success for our clients and are happy to work completely autonomous or alongside your current HR team/recruitment agency.  Not only can we help free up the process to help find great new people but help you to look after the great people you already have.

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