It's a Thursday thing in a week of blogs...

First up this morning was a meeting with a number of recruitment business leaders at the quirky independent coffee shop North Tea Power.  The meeting was part of my plan to produce a regional plan for the IRP.  I am a Regional Director for the trade body and traditionally we have run the regions on a less structured format.  This year needs to be different, we need more focus and I have been given a greater remit to make some plans, encourage participation and get things done. I love it when a bunch of recruitment industry veterans get together to talk about our industry, catch up on some gossip and in this instance contribute to the bigger picture.  More on this when the plan is more concrete.  In addition to getting it out to the region I will share some of the key elements here.

Timing is everything.  IRP and REC have been in the press a few times this week, none of it good and it is getting tougher to engage on a professional basis with members and non-members a like but I am still committed to the organisation as long as it remains committed to me. 

Naturally I can’t leave any mention of IRP without mentioning IOR.

The IOR or Institute of Recruiters are the new kids on the block.  Formed to compete against acknowledged voice of the industry REC they have been prolific in generating interest, generating noise and strangely generating a reputation for censorship and alleged shady practice.  I don’t know what to believe.  I know co-founder Dave Barber personally and have spoken to him about IOR and if they can convert linkedin members into real fee paying members then I wish them luck. 

But I do have a nagging doubt.  For all REC's many faults (and I know there are many) I do feel a loyalty and commitment to what is still a recgonised and legitimate organisation.  People that I trust are doubting IOR and for me there is no smoke without fire. 

I am writing another post on this for ‘The recruiter’ and so will leave that there for now.  Whether it gets finished or published is a different matter so If it's not there I’ll post it here.

I have also been applying for jobs.  I know it’s a strange thing but they are a mix of interim and permanent roles.  Guess the interim make more sense in that they fit in well with my consultancy and recruitment activities but permanent less so.  As you can imagine being a candidate and a recruiter all in one can be an interesting time, some of the responses I have had have been pretty unprofessional with a huge number of organisations failing to respond at all.

Getting back into ‘permanent’ style interviews is also proving a bit tricky.  People don’t quite believe that I would give up this life to work for someone again.  As I always tell them I can work for someone (interim roles prove that) but also don’t need as much hand holding as other potential candidates. 

Next week I am with a couple of people to discuss ‘work’ and will let you know how I get on.  In the meantime do feel free to pass my details onto to people looking for a new Talent Acquisition Manager/Director somewhere in EMEA.

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