A week of recruitment blogs... tuesday

Tuesday Day 2 of a week of blogs and I'm already behind, in that I don't know when I will post.

I re-read my post from yesterday this morning and quickly realised that I am taking this blogging lark too seriously. I suspect it's that frustration that I think I should be a writer and this is some form of release for that. Maybe it’s just I have a lot to say about the state of the recruitment industry and struggle to find the words.

As part of that taking it all too seriously I logged on to www.klout.com to look at my twitter presence and those of people of influence in the industry. Interesting reading in that the social media 'players' I thought would be more influential aren't and those that I thought would be barely scrapping the surface seem to be thought leaders in the social media world. Or at least in recruitment.

What is it with recruiters and their belief they are leading the conversation in social media?

Some clearly are whilst others are just playing, relaying job posts out to an unengaged audience that may or not read them. The fact that I was looking suggests I am taking it too seriously.

Tuesday in recruitment terms was standard.  Working from home in the morning, catching up with email, chasing some candidates and booking some interviews.  I need to do some invoicing but will no doubt get to that later in the week as it is something I hate. 

The middle of the day was spent with a Talent Attraction Specialist from a global IT business.  In summary it was the two heads test.  Making sure that I was what I said I was in the various telephone interviews and that I could deliver the goods.  This was one of several ‘contract/interim’ opportunities that I have on the go.  I did a 6 month interim placement last year doing a combination of strategy and delivery and I miss it.  Suspect I will write more later this week about the specifics.

What I will say is this conversation with the global IT business is not the first and nor will it be the last.  For a long time now I have been saying that this is the future of the market.  As the recruitment industry has fundamentally failed to clean up it’s act clients have taken control and are looking to reduce their reliance on external agencies and why not.  If I was my global IT business I would do the same.  Employ people like me to make talent acquisition commercially driven, with a focus on the candidate experience and all the benefits that self branded recruitment can bring and use only the best recruiters for the few niche roles you need covered by external agencies.

If you had a choice of engaging direct with your potential future employer or a sales led recruitment consultant thinking about his commission, what would you rather do?

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