2010 Blog soon to be available in book form...

... I love blogs.  I love the onlineness of them (is that a word) however I also like to be able to read a book.  So to satisfy my curiosity about how many people do read my blog I have done a limited run of 'real' books.  Ok I've ordered a small number to make sure I don't look daft but if they look as good as I hope I will be printing some more and getting them out to current and potential clients. I have reserved 5 to send to regular blog readers.  Because it is a book, you will get more content than just my standard blog and it will cost you nothing!

So if you want a copy, email me at martin.dangerfield@mckinleyresource.com or tweet me at @MDangerfield.  I will put the names in a hat and pull out the lucky 5 and get back in touch to confirm postal address.  Entries by 31st January 2011 please.

How does that sound?