Ok a blog about my blog...

.... but only a short one to blow my own trumpet a little bit :) I am really pleased that I am in the top 5 for the UK Recruiter recruitment blog of the year. Well done to the winner Lee Cooper and his ''The Recruiters little black book'. For more details:-


Thanks again to my regular readers... do let me know what you think.


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about mckinley|resource® and Martin Dangerfield

mckinley|resource® is an innovative recruitment practice providing executive search, recruitment, talent advisory and project resourcing services. Delivering full UK and European coverage, we focus on identifying and engaging talented individuals within the IT services, IT outsourcing, management consultancy and technology marketplaces.

We can deploy for a day, a week, a month or longer. This means we can support your recruitment peaks, deliver spot advice or have an ongoing engagement. All we need is a desk in your office and a brief that we have agreed and signed up to. We won’t ask you to sign any long term contracts either. 

We have already proven to be a great success for our clients and are happy to work completely autonomous or alongside your current HR team / recruitment agency. Not only can we help free up the process to help find great new people but help you to look after the great people you already have.

To learn more about our approach give Martin Dangerfield (email, linkedin) a call on +44161.955.3647.