Recruitment...a bit like being a builder but without the dirt...

Starting this blog has been trickier than I thought, struggling to find the right words or the best way to say what I want to say. This is probably because I am miffed... not cross.... not angry but miffed... disappointed maybe.

Let me describe my problem... you will need some imagination but not too much... picture me for a moment as a builder... (I know when you think about my office boy baby soft hands it will be a stretch but stick with it)...

Specifically I am the builder that built you an extension earlier this year, did some decorating and sorted out some of those annoying jobs you had been putting off for ages. You called me because you were in trouble and needed a reliable, capable pair of hands to get their head down and deliver.

I worked long hours, paid attention to the important details, got on with your other suppliers and you were really happy with my work and based on that you wanted me to be your builder of choice for a future project. To double check I did an online survey of the key people I had been working with and 100% of them said they would be happy to use me again.

Let’s call that future project the construction of a new house.

Prior to beginning the new build we met, several times, agree the size and location of the house, the type of taps, the colour of the walls and what plants were going in your garden. We agree how much it will cost, when you are going to pay me and the performance based bonuses for bringing in the build in ahead of schedule.

We commit things to paper, we shake on it and agree that I will start today.

Last Tuesday you phoned me to check that everything was in place and that I have booked out the time required to complete the build. You are keen and I am excited and mark out 6 months in the diary. After our call I order the the skips, the concrete, the bricks and some scaffolding.

This is what you like about me. I just get on with it. I execute.

The following afternoon, Wednesday, just two and a bit working days before I am due to arrive on site to change your life you phone again. This time though you tell me that you don’t have the money and that you will be in touch in the new year when we may be able to talk about it again.

Unlike many builders I was polite and took it on the chin. I liked working for you in the past and want to do it again.

At some point I probably said “these things happen”.

Only they don’t.

I am a realist and clients do change their mind, but not like this. So you have left me in the lurch. I am grown up enough to know that the contract wasn’t signed and no matter what verbal contracts had been agreed I don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

But the truth is I feel gutted and let down by you.

The good news at this point of course is that it isn’t you or at least it isn't the you that is reading my blog. It was someone else who did this and I know that you will behave differently?

So rather than dwelling on the disappointment and also because I do want to work with this client again however I feel about them today I want to turn this negative into a positive.

Continuing to use my builder analogy the van is packed, the tools are ready and I have a dozen skips somewhere on the M25 but I find myself with no plot to build on. Like that builder whilst I am sat in the van I am incurring costs with no revenue to support it.

I see this as an opportunity for both of us.

I want my costs covered and you will benefit from my services.

In short I am not discounting my fees but if you want to negotiate a cost plus approach with performance bonuses at a later date undoubtedly you will be getting a bit of a bargain. What is more I provide offer a genuine immediate start anywhere in EMEA in a matter of hours. You can choose from one of my key delivery areas:-

  • Talent pooling - Developing and executing ongoing proactive engagement programmes to 'pool' the best candidates in the market rather than reacting to recruitment needs and finding what is available on the day. Proven delivery model that will reduce recruitment costs, increase speed to hire and raise quality of candidates placed.
  • Executive search and ‘narrowcasting’ - An approach to talent acquisition that proactively engages with candidates through a deep understanding of who the right candidate is, what would motivate them to leave their current role and targeting them through a combination of headhunt, advertising and networking.
  • Recruitment strategy - helping you to develop and execute either short term or long term approach to what your business needs.
  • Assessment, psychometric profiling and interviewing - Adhoc, ongoing or project based support, providing professional assessment of candidates through a structured approach becoming a critical part of your decision making team.

or you can go completely bespoke. As ever terms are flexible (day/month/longer) and getting in touch couldn’t be simpler call me on +44161 955 3647 or email me at

Talk soon.

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about martin dangerfield My current assignment has ended and I am available again for the price of a coffee through to full employment. My recruitment experience is supported by many years as a people manager, managing teams up to 45 people and the management of strategic clients and the associated P&L’s.

I am available to work across EMEA and offer a flexible commercial engagement model.

Email or call me on +44161.955.3647.

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