1996 was a good year...

As I discussed in my last post,  in true Jerry Maguire style I have been updating the mckinley|resource ambition statement.  It was a mission statement but they are well, so 1996. Instead it is a document helping to articulate what the business is about, where we are heading and how everyone we touch can be a part of that journey.  Sure some of it is about the business we need to win to succeed but then I do need to earn a living like anyone else.

The focus of the document is collaboration and global coverage.  I know.  Yes the potential for big ideas with little substance is there but you know I do think I have cracked it.  I know what I am good at and whilst the market is there I am to deliver some solid business no matter where in the world that might be needed.  My interim assignment is either going to come to an end (successfully I might add) or change into something very different.  Either way I need a plan B.  I’ve got the bug again, I want to grow the business, I want to deliver services across EMEA and US and most of all I don’t want to do it alone.

If WB is reading this it will surprise him.  For the most part of my current assignment I have been perceived as a loner, not correctly I might add but due to the initial ‘fire fighting’ nature of the initial engagement it was a necessary way to get things done.  As the relationship has evolved I am every part the team member, working across EMEA and engaging in the US. But enough about me, this is about you.

If you read my blog you probably fit into one of several categories:

  • Candidate – Probably although not exclusively in the technology, media or financial services sectors.  Probably a sales person, project or programme manager or a senior technical person.  We engage in different ways but it is opportunity led, by email and phone and this is not going to change.  Time spent with candidates, current and potential is always worth it as we both learn.
  • Traditional fill the job recruiter – Probably in a traditional agency doing traditional things.  For those lucky enough to have spoken to me in the last 4 months, you will know I think, in fact I know your days are numbered if you carry on doing what you are doing.  You are a target market.  That’s right I want you to be my clients as I know I can help you raise your game with your end client, making you look more credible, more appealing through the sale of some packaged solutions that deliver real value.  We need to talk now as we don’t unless it’s on the end of a phone and you are doing a sales pitch to me using the words ‘unique’ ‘massive database’ and ‘when do we get on the PSL’.
  • A recruitment professional that just gets it – whether working for someone or yourself our relationship needs to develop.  Some of you have engaged with me, we are on the road to delivering solid sustainable business.  Some of you have yet to talk to me, email me or even tweet but you will and we will talk.  You are on my list as a collaboration partner.  I will either sell to you (packaged services) sell through  you (you sell my services to your clients and we share the benefits) or sell with you  – the easiest to define, we both have strengths and together we can deliver more.  Email me now martin.dangerfield@mckinleyresource.com
  • A client – fee paying or otherwise.  We really need to talk and I know that we will whether you need something radical in talent attraction, delivery on an end to end onsite recruitment service or a clearly defined talent assessment project I know I can help you.  More importantly I know I can help you whatever the sector, global location and size of challenge.

So there you have it for now, the teaser that more is on the way.  Actually I need to add some additional graphics and get the document proof read but then it is ready to go.  It will be available on my linkedin site and my personal website www.martindangerfield.com the mckinley|resource site needs an update to reflect what we actually do now so I am avoiding adding too many more key pieces of information there for the time being.

I’ve said it before, but it’s you, me, us.  Collaboration is the only way for the recruitment industry of the future.  Some won’t embrace it and sadly will see their business fade and die.  For the rest of you though there is a different path.

about martin dangerfield

Martin is currently on an interim assignment for a global technology business but all good things must come to an end. If you want his help with your recruitment strategy, from inception to delivery, help in the creation of a 3 year business vision or practical on-site recruitment support then contact him directly on +44(0)161.955.3647 or email martin.dangerfield@mckinleyresource.com. As well as being a Regional Director for the IRP, Martin is Director of the innovative search business mckinley|resource, a freelance people consultant specialising in talent attraction, assessment and recruitment and a provider of business coaching for high growth entrepreneurial organisations.

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