Where does the blog end and reality kick in?

It’s monday afternoon and in my opinion I have earned myself a bit of a break.  I know this sounds like a luxury and I know it is monday but it means I can sit in my usual corner in my usual 'branded' coffee shop. This morning I have been working for the ‘martin dangerfield’ business coaching business, this afternoon will be ‘mckinley|resource’ and the remainder of the week on assignment for a global IT provider.  This will leave little time for anything else but I am pleased to be working on an exciting assignment.

When I explained my business life to someone at the weekend it sounded very glamourous, a tale of different UK cities, of rail and air travel although not this week :(.  The reality is I am different things to different people and as I have blogged before it can be confusing to them but most of all to me.  On the one hand I love it, the variety, the challenge and the value I bring my clients.  The other is a tale of complex accounting, tough reporting deadlines and invoicing.

This is where the blog comes in.  I write this blog as a constant.

For all my real world friends, colleagues and acquaintances this blog remains constant and as you will see from the volume of posts in the last month or so even my blog is feeling neglected.   Now don’t get me wrong digital interactions are by no means a replacement for flesh and blood but it does mean I can talk to you, wherever you may be 24x7.

So with this in mind I am going to change my attitude to the blog, getting more out there, more often so I can you tell me your thoughts.  The recruitment focus will remain, I have lots to say about the industry! but I will also seek to expand and develop my audience.  I am chasing the holy grail of a true tribe.  A tribe that I can rely on, that will follow me, challenge me and yet welcome me as one of their own.

I realise I am starting to sound too much like an american online marketing guru but maybe it is how I now see the world of technology.  Having worked in technology for most of my working life I finally see it coming together.  Finally we are making connections to people we don’t know, engaging with them and taking them on a journey.  In recruitment those connections are powerful, in life they bring friendship and focus.


2010 is going to a challenging year, I believe we are out of the worst of it but it is by no means a done deal yet.  If you want my help with your recruitment strategy, from inception to delivery, help in the creation of a 3 year business vision or practical on-site recruitment support then contact me, Martin Dangerfield on +44161.408.4005.

As well as being a Regional Director for the IRP, Martin is Director of the innovative search business mckinleyresource, a freelance people consultant specialising in talent attraction, assessment and recruitment and a provider of business coaching for high growth entrepreneurial organisations.

Search for ‘People Consultant’ or go straight to www.martindangerfield.com