Manchester business surgery announced - 24th March 2010

As many of you will be aware, I am always looking for ways to talk to more people.  I want to get people involved in my business planning, to contribute.  As I mentioned in my recent blog post ' I'm busy but I have spare capacity ' I am running a number of free events to encourage business people in all sizes of organisation to join me for a coffee, discuss their business challenge and for me to suggest an approach that will help, give a new perspective and add real value. So here is the idea.  I will go to a number of venues.  You can then call me on 0161 955 3647 and book a time to come in and see me for a complimentary 45 minutes.

Business surgery

In that 45 minute session, I can advise you on anything and everything to do with your business.  Clearly that is a broad claim but I have seen an awful lot of things in my career.  Just as importantly I have the tools and experience to actually come up with tangible answers.  As you will see from my website I do have a bias towards anything people related and have also worked with a number of organisations to develop effective growth, sales and people strategies.

So whats the catch?

There is no charge from me for this 45 minute session. However I am sitting in various public venues, so it would not be fair or right for you to not purchase a drink, or some food whilst you are there, if appropriate.

So Whats next?

Simply start calling me, and I will book you in. You can book on your own, or come in a group.

So here is the number to start booking 0161 955 3647 or go online to book the 1st event in Manchester other events are listed on my website.

To get in touch, call me or email me, or you want to see my brochure search for ‘People Consultant’ or go directly to

about martin dangerfield 2010 is going to be another tough year, I believe we are out of the worst of it but it is by no means a done deal yet.  If you want my help with your recruitment strategy, from inception to delivery, help in the creation of a 3 year business vision or practical on-site recruitment support then contact me, Martin Dangerfield on 0161 955 3647 or email