So can Raw2010 keep the momentum?

As ever i’ve sat down to write this with not enough time and too late after the event to write about it as I had intended.  Unusually this blog isn’t about recruitment but a selective business event held in Salford Quays that I was lucky enough to attend.  In the intervening days between thinking and doing I also Sian Astley’s blog on it at and that sealed it, she did a great job on providing an overview of the event so I want to look at what next not the event itself.  (As an aside I was never sure about Sian, famous for her tv debut on Sarah Beeny and property ladder but then I was impressed with where she took it afterwards). As events go RAW2010 promised a lot and in the main I believe did a really good job of delivering.  It used technology that certainly provided a talking point (next time ipad’s we can keep?) had a good mix of speakers and interactivity and most of all 20 minutes talking, 10 minutes questions should be adopted by all events this year.  My personal favourite was Doug Richard but then I have always thought he talked a lot of sense and his view of the future was scary but real.  We really will be tracked, 1984 and all that really is on its way even if it comes disguised as a marketing exercise on the back of some technology.

The event worked for me, it got my attention and with all good events it got me thinking long after I walked away with my goodie bag.  I now follow a few more people and have been looking more closely at local business rather than the national stuff I usually chase.  But I guess now is going to be the test of raw2010.

What next.

Keeping up momentum is going to be tough and I know all that were there will be willing Mike, Scott and Imran to succeed or is it all of us we are willing?  That might be the hitch, collectives work when we have a goal but getting to that goal will need leadership.  Who is going to lead us forward or at least to the next stage where I see all of us and our respective businesses doing something radical here in the northwest.

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