Do as I say, not as I do

Not quite the last blog for the year depending on how next week goes but last this side of Christmas.  It’s that time of year to reflect, think about what we have been through in the last year, probably one of the toughest we have ever experienced in the recruitment industry.  But, as ever we need to look forward next year and what 2010 may or may not bring us.  That got me thinking.  Not many people know that as well as running a recruitment business and being a regional director for the IRP ( I am also a business coach.  My outsourcing background with a focus on business development has given me the opportunity to work with a number of successful, high growth businesses and provide them with an external viewpoint, typically providing some coaching, structure and process with a little p.

Many of us start to look at our businesses as we do our lives and come up with some resolutions that will change or improve our lives along the lose some weight or do more marketing lines.  Maybe I’m speaking from personal experience but many resolutions get forgotten about by February.

So with that in mind here are my top 5 hints that can help you make the some of those resolutions useful, real and part of your daily work routine.  Time spent doing this properly could be time well spent in the future.

1.Take some time

We all have busy lives and our good intentions to set some time aside to plan, think and really think about our goals are forgotten about.  It’s a tough call, often we are immersed in the here and now, I know if I have a recruitment assignment on then I will always put that first ahead of any planning time.  But as ever it is time well spent, you will get the benefits later in the year.

So this time round, take some proper time out, on your own to read, write and plan what is really important to you and your business this year.  Find somewhere that does ‘it’ for you.  But make sure It is time set aside only for this task nothing else, no email, no distraction, plan like you have never planned before.

2. Get perspective 

Planning for the next 10 minutes is easy but if I ask you what December looks like and it won’t be so easy.  So pace yourself and spread your plans across the year so that you don’t try and bite off more than you can chew in one go.  List out goals for the business, cover them all, marketing, sales, people, delivery etc. think about every aspect and the improvements or developments you are going to make in 2010.

3. Get your resolutions documented

We have all read the research, we all know that we need to document our plans to make them a reality, to embed them in our heads.  If you don’t write them down, they will not become real.  They will not be delivered.

Next step get your plans into your daily life.  I run with a day book, outlook and some scraps of paper, all of which will need my resolutions in there, so that I don’t lose track of what you started to do.

So document and then get them in your daily lives.

4. Review

Don’t forget to review on a regular basis and make sure that your resolutions stand the test of time.  Don’t be scared if they don’t, tweak the goal and achieve that.  There is no shame in lowering your sights in June when you think it is time to do so or circumstances, markets or clients have changed.

5. Tell people what you are doing

As part of my business coaching I help organisations create a ‘picture’ of what their business will look like in 3 years and the milestones that will make sure they keep on track.  Then I get the organisations to share these pictures with their teams, clients and stakeholders.  Tell someone what your resolutions are, give them your plan – if it will help email me your plan at and I will email you to nudge you to review your plan later in the year. 

By sharing you will force yourself to do some of the things on your list.  It will help me one of my resolutions to keep in touch with more people outside of my typical sphere.

So help me to help you, to help me.

2010 is going to be another tough year, I believe we are out of the worst of it but it is by no means a done deal yet.  If you want my help with your resolutions or helping you create a 3 year vision then contact me,  Martin Dangerfield on 0161 955 3647 or email  Business coaching starts at £60 per hour in the North West £70 per hour in the rest of the UK no charge for emails though so get writing!

About Martin Dangerfield

As well as being a Regional Director for the IRP, Martin is Director of the innovative search business mckinley|resource, a freelance people consultant specialising in talent attraction, assessment and recruitment and a provider of business coaching for high growth entrepreneurial organisations.  Search for ‘People Consultant’ or go straight to