Will work for coffee...

will work for coffeeDepending on how I have worked with you will alter your view point on what you think I actually do for a living? Primarily I work as an executive recruiter in the EMEA IT, Outsourcing and technology market places.  I have worked with many of the EMEA's major Outsourcing organisations at a senior level as well as a number of non-IT commercial organisations where technology or change is a key requirement in the management of their business.  I take my recruitment seriously and am proud to contribute to REC as a regional director of the institute of recruitment professionals.

As an adjacent service however, some of you will know me as a people consultant exploring how you assess, develop, train and recruit talent.  Whilst I can do this for any business I am starting to focus on the markets that I know in roles that I understand.  Sales is a big thing for me.  The white paper on how you can create game changing outcomes is almost ready for publication (there will be an update here shortly).

I also work for the NWDA delivering business coaching to a number of high growth entrepreneurial businesses helping to create a business vision, strategies to deliver on that vision and the tools to make it real, tangible and achievable.  So why am I telling you this?

Well I want to meet more people, I want to get a better understanding of you and your business, looking at the people aspects of what you are trying to achieve.  Now in some cases talk of money in these recessionary times puts people off, so to make it easier, let's meet, we can have a coffee (skinny cappuccino please) and see what comes of it.  The most you have to lose is an hour of your time and the price of the coffee.

To get in touch, call me in the office +44161.955.3647 or email me, martin.dangerfield@mckineyresource.com or you want to see my brochure go to www.martindangerfield.com.