My multipreneur life - how to brand?

Slightly off my ‘core’ recruitment focus but linked in that it is about me and my professional life which I have recently discovered has a name. Multipreneur.

Whilst this might sound a bit american (and it is?) it does describe my new working outlook.  I own the innovative executive search and recruitment business mckinley|resource, I am a business coach for the NWDA high growth programme, I provide job search advice as part of the job centre plus and last but not least I provide interim recruitment services for corporate organisations.

This multi-faceted DNA has always been at the heart of my work life. Throughout my career I have always strived to avoid being pigeonholed and now I am carving out a unique role as a business juggler, keeping several separate yet interlinking activities on the go.  In the main I love it, it works well for me, allows me to collaborate with individuals, SME’s and corporates, making me more rather than less employable as I never lose touch with any one sector or size of business.

However I’m struggling.

Let me be more specific i’m struggling to describe what I do, how I do it in a simple concise way that covers all aspects of my career.

What I would advise any of the businesses or individuals that i work with is to look at their strengths and unite each of the elements of their portfolio under a single unified personal brand.  So in true cobblers shoes style I have started this and begun to develop a brand equity that conveys my value and purpose.

Phase 1 has been the re-launch of  That has helped clarify what is in, what is out and what ‘my brand’ could be.  However as we are all aware, branding is more than a website, it’s more about what I stand for, how I deliver the services I do and most importantly why you should engage with me for all your people needs.

So over to you, I need your help, what next?  What logically comes next for you?

Email me at, call me on 0161.955.3647 or get me on Twitter