Bit of self promotion but with good reason...

OK well this is self promotion but as the title says with good reason.  It’s a tough old world out there right now for job seekers and I want to push the mckinley|resource workshops for newly unemployed professionals that are available free if you are referred to us by your local job centre plus service. Securing the right job has never been easy. It is also true to say that there are fewer jobs around in these difficult times.  Getting your CV seen and how to make it (and any application) sell you in the best light in such a cluttered market is tough especially now we are in a climate where even getting an interview amongst such huge competition should be celebrated.

As part of the DWP initiative to support professional people get back into work we have developed a one day programme split into two equal halves.  The first part is a workshop with a group of people in a similar postion, but not so many that there is no opportunity to ask questions or get some real value from the experience.

On leaving the workshop chances are that you will have some ‘homework’ to do before coming back for the 2nd part of the programme.  This is a 1 to 1 bespoke coaching session aimed at building upon the areas covered in the workshop but tailored to your individual needs.  The output is an action plan with a focus on the practical and achievable steps needed to implement a successful job search strategy of your own and because we are mckinley|resource we will provide ongoing email and phone support until you are back in work.

Now I know there are people offering this service on a commercial basis, charging something like £250 to £300 per person per day.  We are doing this for free BUT only if you are referred to us by your local job centre plus service.  Whilst we are based in Manchester and have a number of workshops planned up in the North West we can deliver this anywhere in the UK as long as we can get a minimum of 6 people, maximum of 10 in a location for the workshop.

So, as a next step talk to your local job centre plus about how you can be referred onto this free programme and say you want mckinley|resource to deliver the programme for you.  Also get in touch with me, Martin Dangerfield and I will email you a flyer for the programme that goes into more detail.

Contact: Martin Dangerfield mckinley|resource