So how green can I be?

Ok let’s be clear here, I’m not some ultra green eco-warrior looking to stop the continued use of the world resources. That said though I do have that pang of guilt that we could all do a little something and that all those little somethings might actually add up to a bigger something. So yes we should all recycle, although that does seem fraught with bureaucracy when it gets to local authority collection and management (leave that for another day), we should all think about the impact of packaging and energy use. For me though today is about my car and the environmental impact it has. So I have sent it back (or at least I have told the lease company to come and collect it and at 14.15 it’s still parked outside). This might not be a big step to some but for me it is, I have always had a car since I was 17 which if you know me is a reasonably long time. My car has in some cases said lots about me (I miss my Audi TT) although in many it has been the thing that I use to get from A to B (Renault Laguna). My green travel credentials are ok. I always get the train to London, do use Buses going into Manchester but have consistently driven to work despite it only being about 2 miles. It’s those expensive, fuel inefficient 2 mile journey’s we all make that will have the biggest impact on the fuel we use.

So (assuming the guy from the lease company collects it as planned?) I will be walking home tonight not driving and taking the plunge into non-car ownership to see if I can make a little difference. I’ll keep you updated.