2009 change the focus

I think you can tell what I am thinking, that 2009 is going to be a tough year for all of us. 
In my experience people working in recruitment industry are fairly resilient and have naturally high energy levels. However, even for us it can be a challenge to remain upbeat within this employment market as we find ourselves becoming more like counsellors than professional consultants.

Candidates who are out of work are becoming incredibly frustrated and worried about their bills, mortgages, families and future. The number of calls coming into the business from candidates out of work or at risk has increased and I wish I could find work for everyone and will keep trying. 

I personally have felt my stress levels increase as in many instances I have had long standing relationships with these people and over the years we have placed them in jobs and worked with them as clients. To see candidates of a very high calibre finding it a challenge to find work and to see their frustration is unnerving.

Clients also have questions about the market, what the competition is doing and how they are fairing?  In addition clients are faced with he issues and discontent that pay freezes, redundancy and change can bring.  People are feeling vulnerable and nervous.

So, what is the solution?

There is no doubt that we all need to keep positive,  we all have to keep going and as a businessman facing into 2009, I have had to change my focus, diversify and look at other ways of supporting my clients, candidates and me through these turbulent times.

I am going to run some workshops for candidates, here in Manchester as mini-refreshers for anyone looking for work and struggling – whether you have been made redundant, need to re-skill or just wish to give yourself the best chance of gaining employment, getting a plan together, with practical objectives will help to get you on the right path.

In addition I will be talking to my clients about restructure planning, reviving team morale, understanding team motivation (i-trait plug) as well as and maybe most importantly taking the opportunity to discuss what is going on outside the walls of your business. Often the best ideas come from people who are going through similar changes with a different approach.

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