The price of manners

Short entry today based on a phone call I had this week with a potential candidate (thanks James). James is one of those candidates that I like to speak to, he is realistic, he is informative and flexible about what he wants in his next assignment. What was great to hear from him is that I am now officially in the top 3 UK consultants. Ok it's not official but a reflection on this industry in that I was only one of three consultants that had called back when I said I would.

We are all guilty of this, I know that and it's interesting that now market conditions are more challenging performance of the typical recruitment consultant appears to have dropped rather than improved. I can sort of relate to this in that there are days when I am personally swamped with candidate CV's, linkedin requests, emails and phone calls.

So to all the people that I haven't called this week. Firstly sorry, despite the market I am busy. Secondly if you really think I am pushing it drop me an email to to say so and I will respond, maybe not with an answer you will like but an honest answer is better than no answer?

I want to improve the perception of this industry, raise it's game so to speak and I will play my part, so do let me know if I'm not delivering to you and don't be afraid to tell me your stories about other consultants. I want to be in all your top 3's!