About You.

DANGERFIELD is not a recruitment agency.

We are embedded recruitment and more.

Working in-house, we help organisations of all sizes to deliver an embedded recruiting capability through a subscription model.  This recruitment-as-a-service approach brings a hiring platform combined with a team of experienced in-house recruiters with the process and marketing support needed to be successful.

But more than this, we also deploy talent acquisition professionals on a global basis to transform your hiring process, lead hiring projects or augment your existing talent acquisition team. [Read More]

And, when it comes to your brand, our experts will guide you through how to create an authentic employer brand that brings people to your door.

About You.

You could be in an organisation of any size, anywhere in the world.

If you are Starting you will need us to help you make those first crucial hires, building out your management team, planning your hiring strategy and  starting the definition of  your employer brand.

When you are Scaling, you will need help to optimise your hiring process, bring life to your talent acquisition approach, amplifying your brand.   You are going to need some on-site help so we’ll deploy our embedded recruiting team to directly lead the hiring in partnership with your managers.

Organisations that are Transforming engage with us to resolve challenges around poor candidate experience, complex hiring processes and old technology that impacts their ability to hire.  In addition we support organisations on a tactical level by deploying individuals to fill gaps in their talent acquisition capability and capacity.